Hysolv Company Update


Who doesn’t love a good company update? Hysolv has had quite an exciting month, as well as staff updates and growth, we have some exciting new products in the works and lots going on this year!

In February, we sadly said goodbye to our director, Nikki, who has now retired and is looking to enjoy her time now travelling the country. Good Luck Nikki, we will miss your valuable input and guidance dearly!

With Nikki’s departure, we welcomed our new MD, James Bigmore! James has moved up the ranks from being the Office Manager and is now focused on steering Hysolv into a bright new future – we can’t wait to see where Hysolv reaches next.

Some may notice that we are becoming more active with our online presence, and there is plenty of content planned for the future that should be of interest. So make sure you follow us on our social media accounts to keep up-to-date with any news, product updates, how-to’s and more!

Facebook: @hysolvltd | Instagram: @hysolvlimited | LinkedIn: Hysolv-limited

You can also contact us via email or our web form to be put in touch with a member of the team.