Hysolv disinfectants and cleaners make the difference


Use Alkaliene to clean the surfaces, then disinfect.

In APHA tests, Intercid and Interkokask could break through biofilm build-up and disinfect the surface. All Hysolv disinfectants are proven effective against AI.

So, whenever you’re looking for a terminal disinfectant to be sprayed or fogged, or disinfectants for boot dips..

Don’t take chances,
use products proven in the field
and in DEFRA/APHA tests!

Intercid, Interkokask, Interkokask Concentrate! Hysolv is committed to ensure continuous supply of disinfectants despite changing import requirements and global difficulties in sourcing some raw-materials. Your help in forecasting demand for product is greatly appreciated and priority will be given to companies that have placed orders for products. Ask our team for more information.